Division of Chinese Service Center

American Service Center for International Students and Scholars (ASCISS) has newly formed a division of Chinese service Center. The division has four specialists who have academic degrees both from China and US. They have excellent knowledge of Chinese education system and many years of working experience in higher education and US admissions. We guarantee our service because it is the right way. The Division of Chinese Service offers your university many specialized expertise services only available from ASCISS.

Foreign Credential Evaluation
The division provides high quality services to Chinese students and scholars with credential evaluation reports for the purposes of Graduate and undergraduate admissions, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Employment in U.S. and Professional licenses in U.S. ASCISS is the only authorized organization that has the access to the database at the Ministry of Education in the People’s Republic of China for diploma verification. We guarantee the truthfulness of applicant’s diploma from P. R. China.

Document-by-Document Evaluation
This evaluation service provides a certification of the highest equivalent U.S. and Canadian education level they received form a foreign country. The report will identify applicant’s specialized discipline, type of institute attended, and the level of academic degree earned.

Translations (Chinese and English)
Fast and accurate translation between Chinese and English.

Interview/Testing Services
???????We provide full service of interviewing/testing Chinese graduate students whom you have offered Graduate Assistantships. Our staff will develop test criteria and questions with your office to evaluate their spoken English and exam their credentials on your behalf in China. We will provide you with a report and interview videotape for each student we interviewed. We could also make your travel and interview arrangements if you prefer your own face-to-face interview in China.

Consult Services
We will provide consult services for your academic needs in China. We will recommend matching programs and universities in China, help you to develop contracts and give legal advices, arrange invitations and academic visits for your team. The services include but not limited to: Study aboard programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels, Joint programs, Academic visits, and Help you set up your own evaluation procedures and provide workshop and training for your staff.

Education Leadership Training
ASCISS coordinates and facilitates training needs for Chinese education leadership from K to 12 and higher education. We have an outstanding team of instructors with extensive knowledge of Chinese and American education systems.

Advertising/Recruiting Services
We will advertise your university and programs on our website and provide service for your program recruit needs. Tell us your needs and we will do our best to deliver!